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Give your home that elegant, traditional floor it desires. Choose Natural Hardwood floor, from solid hardwood to engineered hardwood floor, We have the floor you are looking for.

The Timeless Beauty of Hardwood

Hardwood floors add value, style, and warmth to your home. We carry solid hardwoods and engineered hardwoods in a variety of colors and styles.  Solid hardwood is a natural product made from a single piece of wood and can react to humidity or moisture.  Engineered wood is made from multiple layers that give it stability during all seasons and has less risk of expanding.

Our Warehouse:

  • Hardwood floors are a timeless look that works well for any kind of household.
  • Here at Rivera’s Floor Covering, we offer a variety of natural products, starting with hardwood floors. No other flooring option compares to the classic elegance of hardwood floors. People love a traditional home because they have hardwood floors and because hardwood floors connotate a coziness that carpet and others can’t replicate.
  • If you are looking for a specific hardwood floor and it is not in our warehouse, don’t worry. We can always order it.

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Benefits of Hardwood Floors:

  • With a little TLC, hardwood floors will last a lifetime, and then some. The option of refinishing hardwood floors can grab anyone’s attention, allowing a floor to be a part of your life for years to come. Most experts recommend refinishing hardwood floors every 10 years to keep them looking good. That can mean sanding and applying a new coat of finish.
  • Hardwood floors provide a neutral background that allows for a multitude of decorating looks. Carpet typically has to complement the color scheme of a room, whereas hardwood floors don’t have that problem. Plus, hardwood floors can be stained to a color that best fits your needs.
  • Return on investment; did you know that hardwood floors add value to your home? According to the National Association of Realtors reported in 2019 that homeowners can recoup 106% of their investment in hardwood floors.


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