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Antique Craft

Antique Craft


$2.69 sqft.


RevWood Plus Antique Craft waterproof laminate flooring by Mohawk is a beautiful and revolutionary new flooring designed for everyday life. 
The wide plank laminate floor design helps to make rooms appear larger and more spacious while providing a modern look and beautiful wood appearance. 
The registered embossing on the surface gives a realistic wood look and feel. 
Whether you have a busy family, large energetic pets, or need to update your personal space, this waterproof floor system is sure to keep your mind at ease. 
It protects against scratches, subfloor moisture, and water damage. 


- Cotton Knit Oak
- Espresso Bark Oak 
- Kindling Oak
- Soft Chamois Oak 


  • Floor Specifications:

    Style: Antique Craft
    SQFT: 26.44SF/BX 
    Dimensions: 9 ⅞” x 6’6ft 
    Thickness: 10mm 
    Designed: Embossed in Register (EIR) 
    Species: Oak. Warm & traditional with a range in color

Marble Surface

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